Slidepad v1.0.11

Version 1.0.11 is here!

Features Added

  • You can now open current page in external browser.
  • You can now setup auto-refresh for each workspace.
  • You can now enable faster animation.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Close workspace may cause crash.
  • Fixed: Close open file panel may cause crash.
  • Fixed: Memory leak from open multiple pads.
  • Fixed: Slack notification will not show correctly.
  • Fixed: Slack add new workspace behave strangely.
  • Fixed: Open files in Microsoft OneDrive will pop up a new window instead of a workspace.

Hello, World

Hello World!

Slidepad is a side project created by Potter Dai.

After working as an independent game developer for several years, Potter decided to take a break and try something new. Therefore, he picked up Swift and wrote this first MacOS app to solve his own pain point -- it's hard to quickly find the exact app when you have multiple apps open on the Dock. As he introduced on ProductHunt:

I made Slidepad simply because I was very fascinated by the idea of Station, but found it too heavy for me to use it every day. In the end, all I need is a simple tool that allows me to glance at it and do a quick action, like taking down a to-do or sending a quick message.

Spending several weeks on this little app, Potter shared it with his friends and received positive feedback. He then submitted it to /r/macapps on Reddit: Slidepad - Bring iPad slide over window to your MacOS and gained more feedback. 

Soon after, this little tool was submitted to ProductHunt by Ethen, and won #1 Product of the Day June 30, 2019.

We are so excited with so many comments, and we are committed to make this little tool even better.