Media Exposures

We are grateful that a number of media covered our product, and we are committed to make our product even better. 

After our app was submitted to ProductHunt by Ethen, we won #1 Product of the Day June 30, 2019.

A number of media reported our app after the initial exposure, and we are happy to share these articles :)

Articles are recorded chronologically, with oldest first.



(Chinese) 除了帮你聚合网页应用,还是一款好用的窗口管理工具:Slidepad | App+1 


(Japanese) 画面の端にWebサイトをストックできる「Slidepad」が便利 


(Chinese) Slidepad:给你的 macOS 添加一块 iPad 式的悬浮窗口 

(Spanish) Slidepad lleva la multitarea del iPad a macOS: tus webapps siempre a mano y organizadas  


(Czech) Aplikace Slidepad kombinuje Slide Over z iPadu pro pohodlnější multitasking na macOS  


(Japanese) iPadのSlide-Overのような表示でWebアプリを利用できるMacアプリ「Slidepad」がリリース。 

(French) Slidepad, vos services web en Slide Over sur macOS